Aug. 22nd, 2009

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Lush -- I never know if Lush counts as an indie etailer or not, but most people seem to think they are and they've got that air of indie chic about them, so....

Honey I Washed the Kids soap -- Sweet honey heaven cleanses and moisturizes sensitive skin. This is one of their best sellers and I have to say, it's really nice. The honey scent is really lovely and not at all fake. Like all Lush products, it's really scent saturated and strong; it lingered on my skin after I was out of the shower. That isn't necessarily a problem as long as I'm planning on wearing perfume that doesn't clash. It's a nice enough soap, although I didn't find it all that moisturizing.

Karma solid perfume Karma is Lush's signature scent--Spicy orange and patchouli keep you in harmony with your surroundings. Here's the thing; I like patchouli. It's a fantastic base note and, as long as the perfumer is using good quality, aged patchouli in moderation, it doesn't smell like dirty hippies. Lush? Isn't using it in moderation. At all. Karma smells like dirt and oranges. Not just that hit of earthiness/dirtiness/decay/overripness that some of the great perfumes have (Shalimar, for example), no, it smells like freaking sweaty, icky, dirt. I didn't even try it on, I was that turned off by it. At some point, I should actually use just a little to see if it does something different on my skin, but right now, I can't imagine why this is so popular.
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Speaking of honey....

Nocturne: Sapphire Honey -- We have blended the Amber-Musk of Sapphire with the Honey and Honeycomb of a sweet buzzing bees hive collected from Egyptian Flowers. Honey notes are tricky on me, there's an undernote that all too often smells a little musty on my skin. Sadly, Sapphire Honey does that. It's not awful, just not very good. I can get a hint of the amber-musk and it's a fairly intriguing scent, but the honey note is too harsh.

Nocturne: Kashmir Honey -- The Duality of Gothic Red Musk and the bliss of honeycomb and sweet honey. Anyone who's been reading my reviews for any length of time knows that I love me some Middle Eastern scents.Something about the red musk in this is spot on perfect; it takes me right back to Iran in a good way. In fact it smells so Persian to me that it was actually kind of distracting when we were at dinner tonight because it just did not go with the burger I was having. :) The honey is probably the exact same honey note as in the Sapphire Honey, but here, the faint hint of mustiness blends with the musk in a way that actually smells a little like old paper. Which, yeah, it sounds kind of unattractive but actually is fantastic.



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