Jan. 14th, 2010

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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is donating all the proceeds from January sales of the following scents:

Port Au Prince (in the "Wanderlust" section) -- "Dark, decadent and incomparably exotic: the rich scent of buttered rum flavored with almond, bay, clove and sassafras." I've tried this; on me it's mostly almond with a spike of clove under it. The bay and rum push it into the traditionally "masculine" category, but it's something I'll wear.

The following are from the "Exocolo" section

Elegba -- "His ofrenda contains coconut, tobacco and sweet, sugared rum."
Obatala -- "Obatala’s ofrenda is soft, white and pure: milk, coconut meat, shea butter and cool, refreshing water."
Ochosi -- "His ofrenda is the soft shea he shares with Obatala, forest herbs, and sprucewood arrow shafts."
Ogun -- Ogun’s ofrenda is heavy and dark cigar tobacco, gin and juniper, melon, chili pepper and a touch of honey."
Olokun -- "His ofrenda is the scent of the lightless deep: the glorious, unknowable gloom of the ocean floor."
Osun -- "Her ofrenda is thick with honey and herbs of love, passion and desire."
Oya -- "Oya’s ofrenda is a Nigerian potion of love and war, sweetened by darkest plum." This smells utterly awesome on Nancy. :)
Shango -- "The Master of Lightning’s ofrenda contains red apples, banana, chili pepper, coconut, pineapple, pomegranate and sugar cane."
Yemaya -- "Her ofrenda is a bounty of melons and grapes, strewn with the petals of the flowers of motherhood, draped with sea mosses."



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