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Vanille Noire (Huile de Luxe, Dec '08) -- Vanille Noire is a concoction of Bourbon vanilla, black pepper, white cognac, honey absolute, butter CO2, cinnamon leaf and dark patchouli.

I wibbled on this and then was broke when it came out in December and I ended missing the recent resale. But now, thanks to [ profile] 10dimensions, I finally got my hands on some.

The note that worried me and had me wibbling, was the butter CO2. Butter and cream notes inevitably smell awful on me. But! this is the first time I haven't had one smell rancid, so that's pretty impressive right there.

I get a little note of cognac, but mostly this could be called Patchouli Vanille. I'm sure a big part of that is that my skin amps patchouli like crazy; it's a good thing I like it. And I like this. Not only is the patchouli nice and dark without being dirty, but the vanilla is a good true vanilla; it smells like the non-alchohol based organic cooking vanilla I use. As I said, I can get a faint hint of Astrid's cognac note and there's a little bit of the cinnamon leaf present.

Sadly, as much as I love this and think it smells great on me, I can tell just smelling it that [personal profile] darkrose will not be all that wild about it. She's not the hippy chick I am and even good patchouli like this is far from her favorite scent.

So, I'm not sure. This might have to go on my upcoming bottle sale list or I might keep it and roll around in it when she's not home. *grins*

Date: 2009-06-15 01:39 am (UTC)
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The patchouli will probably settle bigtime in two or three months, so don't sell it until then. (There were other notes in VN which broke the deal for me, but I could tell the patchouli was very very fresh in this one.)



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