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I was involved in a Conjure Oils group order and so here are my impressions of four from the Apothecary line.

Chai Spice Tea

Well I get the spice, a nice mixture of cinnamon, clove, cardamom, with a little hint of pepper and ginger along with a faint woody undernote that might be the nutmeg. What I don't get is either tea or milk. I don't mind the missing milk (my skin does bad things to milk and cream notes) but I'd love to smell some tea in there, at least for a little while. It also faded fairly quickly. So yeah, while it's nice, it's not great or anything.

Iranian Pomegranate

Pretty much what it says on the label; this is a lovely sweet pomegrante scent that doesn't morph or change or anything. It's a dark red oil; if you get some, be careful, it will leave color on your clothing and might possibly stain. I love it and am looking forward to figuring out what I can layer it with.

Dragon's Blood

A lovely and resiny dragon's blood that has an undernote of almost smokey spice to it that gives it the scent of burning resin. There's none soapy undernote that I've smelled in other dragon's blood blends. I had initially thought to play around with layering this, but I think I might buy a bottle to wear just by itself; I like it that much.

Golden Amber

Okay then. I get a brief hit of a nice, simple, non-powdery amber and then...poof! It's gone. Normally my skin loves amber and will amp it like crazy, but even putting on another layer didn't make this one stay around. :(

Of these four, the clear winner is Dragon's Blood with Iranian Pomegranate a close second and Chai Spice Tea a distant third. Golden Amber didn't even place.
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