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I'm trying to work my way through my rather large backlog, and managed to do three reviews today. :)

Arcana -- Red Giant (LE) -- A radiant, stellar blend of brightest sweet orange, toasted pumpkin, warm cinnamon, lemongrass, yuzu, pink grapefruit, white grapefruit, and sparkling bergamot.

This is a lovely a warm citrus spice that would totally be a bottle purchase if I hadn't already blown my perfume budget for the month. It's not quite as crisp as I'd expected based on the notes; what I get is mostly orange, pumpkin and cinnamon and it doesn't morph much at all. Still, I really do like it and it's different enough from the five million other bottles of perfume I've got that I'm hoping there's still some available at The Soap Box Company when August rolls around.

Attar Bazaar -- Persian Amber -- Powerful scent with a gentle sweetness. Hotter than other varieties of amber, excellent for healing the heart on a spiritual level.

Back to me and my quest for the perfect amber. This one comes close; I don't know about "hotter" but it seems somewhat darker than most ambers, if that makes sense. It's very resiny, with a little hint of something woody at first and not at all powdery, has staying power and I like it quite a bit. There's only one thing and I'm not sure if it's a bug or a feature, but it's the consistency of very thick molasses. Unlike the bottle of Attar Bazaar's Jannat Al-Ferdous--which is a simple oil based perfume--the bottle of Persian amber has a wand, which kind of makes me think that it's supposed to be this thick. It doesn't smell rancid or off, so I wrote to Cindy at Scent Addict to see if it's cromulant.

Attar Bazaar -- Jannat Al-Ferdous -- This ancient fragrance was first blended by a Sufi mystic who ascended into the unseen realms. He later re-created the scent he experienced when he approached the Divine Throne, thus the name: "Gateway to the Highest Heaven." A classic scent for centuries In the East. Exceedingly light, elegant, and, sometimes shattering. Ruling planet: Uranus.

Yeah, I don't know either. But you can usually rope me in with mentions of Sufi mystics and a Middle Eastern name. I'm not very good at singling out notes, but in this case it didn't matter. It's sharp and a little green and somewhere in all of that is some rose. Since my skin hates rose, it immediately went soapy on me. Rose scents are incredibly popular in the Middle East and given the connection to heaven, I should have guessed in advance that there would be some in this. Oh well.
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