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It looks like Serpentine Hair has gone the way of so many etailers--while their site is still up and you can still order, they no longer seem to be actually producing a product. My irritation with that situation is the subject of a rant that I'd rather not do at this point, so, mooooving right along....

I tried the Bert's Bees Rosemary and Mint shampoo bar, but while I really liked the minty scent, it left my hair really really dry. One of the things I liked about Serpentine was not having to use conditioner. Not only did that mean fewer chemicals in my hair, but it also meant less time in the shower, which is a good thing when you live in a state that's in the middle of a serious drought.

I thought about trying Lush, but their shampoo bars seem to have SLS in them and, yeah, not so much. However, [personal profile] darkrose/[ profile] darkrosetiger uses several Oyin Handmade products and while I was kind of worried that their stuff might leave my hair too oily, I keep forgetting that, like my skin, my hair has dried out a fair amount as I've gotten older. So I tried a little hair care product cultural appropriation and it worked out well for me. Um, seeing as the Oyin people say that their products are for anyone who wants to use them, that's a joke, okay?

Oyin -- Grand Poo Bar -- It turns out that this is perfect for my hair. It leaves it really clean and has just the right amount of oils/butters in it; I don't have to use conditioner but it doesn't leave my hair feeling heavy or greasy. The smell is nice and light and doesn't linger after I rinse my hair. It's a little pricier than Serpentine was, but not by enough to be a problem.

Oyin -- Shine and Define -- I wear my hair short and in two styles. For the first two or three weeks after a hair cut, I spike it, using glue. After than I comb it down and just spike the cowlick in the front. That's where the Shine and Define comes in. It's light enough that my hair looks like hair and not like it's been shellacked and the hold is strong enough to get my cowlicks to do what I want. It's got a light fruity scent that isn't real noticeable once my hair dries and it doesn't leave my hair feeling greasy

Oyin -- Greg Juice -- This is their leave in spray, which I tried the first time I used the Poo Bar. I wasn't going anywhere, so I skipped the Shine and Define, only to discover that yeah, the Greg Juice is designed for much drier hair than mine. It left my hair heavy and greasy, so much so that I had to hop back in the shower and wash my hair again.
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