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(will be crossposting these to [ profile] evil_enablers and [ profile] salonblooddrop with minor editing)

Multiple people whose tastes I'm inclined to trust suggested I check out Blooddrop. I'm really glad I did!

I ordered:
Glisten (the hair spritz) in the Blessed scent
Devonshire Cottage perfume oil
(another bottle that's a gift for a friend)

And she sent along a bottle of Merci 27 (her seasonal perfume, a gift with larger orders) and a sample of Eau Douce (great story about this below the cut.)

First order! )
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Nocturne Alchemy's Eternal Cairo -- Egyptian Amber, Egyptian Red Amber, White Amber and Egyptian Musk.

Kind of a light, musky amber that really doesn't grab me as much as I expected. It's a lighter version of Eternal Egypt and makes me think that the slightly aquatic note I smelled in Eternal Egypt was the Egyptian musk.

Eternal Cairo is one of the NA's Eternals and is a General Catalog scent available here.

Blooddrop's Purr (Summer '08 LE)-- Sandalwood, cognac, black currant and fig.

Most of what I get at first is a sort of dark, fruity scent; the black current and fig combo is a good one. I also smell something that's oddly like brown sugar, which is unexpected but kind of nice. I don't get any of the cognac scent, but after about five minutes, I am getting a nice undernote of sandalwood. It eventually settles into a lovely, darkly sweet (but not overly sweet) scent. I really like it, but while this was a Summer LE, it's almost too rich for a warm day; I'll be more likly to wear it in the evening or in Fall/Winter.

There are three bottles left at the Blooddrop Etsy Store.
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I'm posting these reviews because Astrid of Blooddrop has ten bottles of "Madame Claire de Lune Cidre Doux au Poire" up at her Etsy shop as well as 4 bottles of "The (un)Poisoned Tea Cup." Get them if you can, both scents are awesome.

on to the reviews )
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Speaking of Violette Market Vintage blends: have a couple of reviews. With bonus Nocturne Alchemy reviews. :) I got kind of chatty here. Um...oops?

Vosages & Snow Baby along with RA's Ambre Vanille, Hathor's Egyptian Vanilla Tea, Eternal Egypt and Ozymandias )
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I picked up several 15ml bottles of Vintage Violette Market blends because the price was right and I was intrigued. It turns out that a couple of her notes just don't work on me. It's a chemistry thing, which makes it really frustrating because I can sniff the bottle and thing "oh I like that!" only to have it not work once it hits my skin.

So I have the following three bottles for sale. They've all been tested cleanly only once and are all full to the neck of the bottle. They're going for $9 on the site, and so I'm asking $10 for them, which includes first class shipping to anywhere in the US, so the end result is a better deal than you get from VM.

Honey Bee -- Sweet golden honey. Formally called 'Beekeeper'.

Snow Baby -- Vanilla bean, crisp winter air and a whisper of icy mint. Smooth rather than sweet, evocative of a walk on Christmas night. -- sold

Elixir -- Intoxicating. Honeyed musk and smoky vanilla. I should note that this is actually sold out at the VM site. -- sold

I also have a 1 dram (1/8 oz) bottle of Beatnik (Poetry night at a smokey café: bitter espresso, incense and dark woods -- In spite of the espresso note, it's more a dark woody perfume rather than a foodie thing; I kinda liked it but Nancy really didn't.) It was a freebie, so if you buy a bottle and want it, just say so. If you really want to try it but don't buy a bottle, it's yours for $3 including shipping.

I'm leaving this post here until Monday, after which, if no one's expressed interest, I'll try over at Evil Enablers.
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The last of my Haunt reviews.
Gloaming -- the time of day when the quickly darkening landscape meets with a glowing, ember sky. vanilla, dark patchouli, amber, mandarin orange and red clove.
It smells very candy-like as it goes on; it's all orange and vanilla with a faint hint of amber. I don't get any clove at all and only a very very faint earthy note that is the patchouli. After a little while, maybe five minutes, I get a slight spicy note that's the clove finally showing up and the orange is fading a little so it's not quite so much like candy. Then the patchouli amps up a little, although it's not a dirty hippie patchouli at all, and it all evens out some. This is the most complex of the Haunt scents I've tried and I'm kind of regretting that I didn't order a bottle of it, because I really like where it finally goes. Not all scent names end up working for me, but Gloaming does make me think of sunset and the slow onset of twilight.
Batik -- smoky beeswax & resin darkened honey.
This is an oddly perfumey honey; there's a hint of a floral/soapy scent in with the waxy smell of the beeswax. It's almost like I rubbed a honey scented candle on my arm. I'm not 100% thrilled with it; I think I like Possets' honey scent better. I keep sniffing at my arm trying to decide if I like it or not, which usually isn't that good a sign. About maybe 20 minutes it and it's a little smokier and I'm liking it a little more. I still kind of wish I'd bought a bottle of Gloaming instead of the bottle of Batik, though.

Again, Scent Addicts is the place to go for these.
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I ended up with both a decant of the perfume oil and a good sized sample of the soap as well.

Empire -- Precious vanilla and glimmering amber, entwined with long-forgotten incense.

At first the perfume is a pretty straightforward sweet amber with a faint vanilla note, nice but nothing spectacular. And then, about five/ten minutes in, the incense notes kicked in and it got smokier and more interesting. I'm guessing myrrh and sandalwood and maybe frankincense, but I'm bad at guessing notes when they're not listed. After the incense kicks in, there's no real morphing or changing. Since my skin not only amps up amber, but clings to it, it's sticking around for the long haul too.

While not as subtle, the soap is pretty heavily scented, so if that's not your thing, you might want to avoid it. It's lovely soap, nice and rich and creamy without being too drying. The scent, while heavy, doesn't linger; I could barely smell it on me once I got out of the shower.

You can get the perfume at Scent Addicts but finding the soap is a little trickier. They list it at The Soap Box Company although they're out of it at the moment. It's also listed as being available in late May at the Haunt Etsy site.
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I'd never heard of Haunt until I ran across a decant circle over on LJ's Evil enablers. Several of the scents caught my eye but the one I really wanted was filled already. Fortunately (or not if I'm looking at the budget side of things) the person running the circle was able to send me just enough of a sample for me to utterly fall in love.

Roma -- Descendants of a thousand year old warrior class from India, the Roma are the nomadic people known as “gypsies” in popular culture. Cardamom, Cardamom Absolute, Blood Orange and Mandarin

This is a very simple, very lovely scent. The blood orange and the mandarin are nice and crisp and the cardamom adds a lovely, warm, spicy note. There's no real morph, what I smell when I put it on is what I get when I sniff it a half hour later. It's got surprising staying power for a) an oil and b) citrus, which usually fades pretty fast on me. It's serious love here; while I wouldn't class this as "foody" I still want to either chew on my own arm or find blood orange/cardamom candies somewhere.

The owner of Haunt is taking her Etsy shop down (except for the occasional seasonal LEs) as of June 11 and she doesn't have any Roma products listed except in skin gloss. However, you can get a 5ml bottle of the perfume oil for $11 at Scent Addict
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Along with the huge updates shes put out for Spring, Fabienne has updated the site with two new scents for Mother's Day and Father's Day.

taken from the Possets site:

Adamus: This stuff will indeed make you a chick magnet. Sweet and amazingly sexy, it insinuates itself into her mind and lets you be the not-so-obscure object of her desire. Dry and sweet new mown hay (irresistible), is combined with tobacco flower (very attractive but non cloying), and my own concoction of sweet green moss and you can't miss. I like Adamus so much I have taken to wearing it (!), that is how much of an attractant it is. *sigh* Buy it for him or wear it yourself.


Eva: The marriage of perfume and gourmand, this one is just plain old beautiful. Perfumy spice combines with a deep and abiding musk which is gorgeous. I put a top note of rhubarb in this one (!) and a big dose of scuppernong grape (must be scuppernong) and voila. You now have a magnificent woman's scent which should make the men flock to you like moths to a flame. Yes, you will be the only woman in the room. Clean and fresh but not sporty. Ladylike and most seductive.

Not my thing as I am not into perfumey scents but knowing Fabienne they will be glorious anyway.
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Three love potions, two delicious soaps, and a Romani Princess.

The temptation to run a circle grows. STOP ME BEFORE I LOVE AGAIN.
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I have a bottle of Pure Rose perfume, a rose soliflore edp, from Amal Al-Kuwait. I can't find any information about US suppliers or even the perfumery in any of the usual places (Osmoz, Basenotes).

(I acquired it via freecycle, from someone who'd received it as a gift. So I can't, actually, get it again from the same place I got it before.)

I frickin love this stuff. As in, I've used about 1/10 of a rather large bottle of edp in about 6 months. It's a big old peppery rose and it has the amazing quality of developing the most gorgeous sillage when it's hot out, but it has to be reapplied.

I would like to be able to decant some and share it with my closest swap buds, but I am afraid to do that if I can't get any more ever again.

Does anybody know anything about Amal al-Kuwait? Or should I just keep it in a dark place and ration it out?

(I mostly wear EdP rather than oils. For some reason oil-based scents are gone within an hour or two from my skin which is not a good thing imnsho. I do dilute oils with perfumers' alcohol but that doesn't always work.)
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Dark Candles is currently offering free shipping on offers over $40.

Use the following code: springship09
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Astrid of Blooddrop is asking if there's interest in a rerelease of her Vanille Noir. Originally this was a limited edition, sold in a 1/4 oz fancy bottle, but she's asking if people would be interested in it in her normal 5ml bottles.

Dark, intoxicating, mesmerizing and so incredibly arousing. Vanille Noire was created as a heavenly, yet sinfully, decadent perfume oil. A simple description would be a spiced vanilla liquor, but it is so much more than that. It has been specially bottled in a lovely little faceted glass bottle, as only a precious little gem would, and instead of a label, it has a little tag that has been attached to the bottle via a dainty little satin ribbon. For this holiday fragrance, you are being treated to a 10ml, instead of 8ml! Vanille Noire is a concoction of Bourbon vanilla, black pepper, white cognac, honey absolute, butter CO2, cinnamon leaf and dark patchouli.

If you're interested, let her know here.
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I love my sniffie hobby to death, but my body's developing chemical sensitivities and a couple of potentially dangerous allergies. Ruthless destash is a priority right now, both of things that don't work and things which could hurt me.

Thus, BPAL imps/decants/bottles and a mystery box of other-indie delights below the cut! Thanks for looking! )
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The economy is hitting hard all over and the small business woman is really hurting. Astrid at blooddrop is looking to expand her customer base so I figured I would make a post over here at Dreamwidth and use this fantastic new comm like it is supposed to :)

Anyone have any experiences with Blooddrop? Tell me your favorites!

I absolutely cannot live without her scent At Denny's After Rocky, which is a blueberry pancake scent. Dead freaking on.

White Pumpkin is a joy to wear as well.

I haven't tried a lot of her general catalog scents but her LEs are so awesome. My favorite LE thus far has to be Abbie Normal which is a marshmallow popcorn scent! I hear Buche De Noel is absolutely amazing, I hope to try it sometime.

FWIW: I'm not affiliated with Blooddrop at all, just a fan thats hoping to enable people to her wonderful scent line :)
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Violette Market is selling 15ml bottles of their old scents for $9 (40% off) while supplies last. The sale is here. If you loved the old Violette Market scents (I adore Sheik, for example), this is an incredible opportunity to stock up at an excellent price.
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Welcome to [community profile] scent_junkies.

A couple of things, this will be a comm much like LiveJournal's [ profile] evil_enablers is. Discussion of bath and body products from retail and e-tailers (online and offline) and pretty much anything that is stinky in a good way.

No hard and fast rules to start. Just don't be a jerk (play nice), keep posts on-topic, and don't violate the site's Terms of Service.

Also, you can sell or swap scent related products if you want but don't price gouge or scam people or you will be outta here. And please try to keep any sales under an cut tag and limited to once a week.

I'll be populating the tag list with a bunch of etailers I like soon, and will leave tagging open to all members so you can add tags as well.



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