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I have a bottle of Pure Rose perfume, a rose soliflore edp, from Amal Al-Kuwait. I can't find any information about US suppliers or even the perfumery in any of the usual places (Osmoz, Basenotes).

(I acquired it via freecycle, from someone who'd received it as a gift. So I can't, actually, get it again from the same place I got it before.)

I frickin love this stuff. As in, I've used about 1/10 of a rather large bottle of edp in about 6 months. It's a big old peppery rose and it has the amazing quality of developing the most gorgeous sillage when it's hot out, but it has to be reapplied.

I would like to be able to decant some and share it with my closest swap buds, but I am afraid to do that if I can't get any more ever again.

Does anybody know anything about Amal al-Kuwait? Or should I just keep it in a dark place and ration it out?

(I mostly wear EdP rather than oils. For some reason oil-based scents are gone within an hour or two from my skin which is not a good thing imnsho. I do dilute oils with perfumers' alcohol but that doesn't always work.)



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