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Long time no see, Perfume Reviews!

I've got just a couple, but I wanted to actually post them while you could still buy the scents I'm reviewing. They're part of Blooddrop's Holiday 2010 line and will be available until "late December/early January or as supplies remain."

An Orange in Your Slipper and Rosy Cheeks )
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(will be crossposting these to [ profile] evil_enablers and [ profile] salonblooddrop with minor editing)

Multiple people whose tastes I'm inclined to trust suggested I check out Blooddrop. I'm really glad I did!

I ordered:
Glisten (the hair spritz) in the Blessed scent
Devonshire Cottage perfume oil
(another bottle that's a gift for a friend)

And she sent along a bottle of Merci 27 (her seasonal perfume, a gift with larger orders) and a sample of Eau Douce (great story about this below the cut.)

First order! )
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Nocturne Alchemy's Eternal Cairo -- Egyptian Amber, Egyptian Red Amber, White Amber and Egyptian Musk.

Kind of a light, musky amber that really doesn't grab me as much as I expected. It's a lighter version of Eternal Egypt and makes me think that the slightly aquatic note I smelled in Eternal Egypt was the Egyptian musk.

Eternal Cairo is one of the NA's Eternals and is a General Catalog scent available here.

Blooddrop's Purr (Summer '08 LE)-- Sandalwood, cognac, black currant and fig.

Most of what I get at first is a sort of dark, fruity scent; the black current and fig combo is a good one. I also smell something that's oddly like brown sugar, which is unexpected but kind of nice. I don't get any of the cognac scent, but after about five minutes, I am getting a nice undernote of sandalwood. It eventually settles into a lovely, darkly sweet (but not overly sweet) scent. I really like it, but while this was a Summer LE, it's almost too rich for a warm day; I'll be more likly to wear it in the evening or in Fall/Winter.

There are three bottles left at the Blooddrop Etsy Store.
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I'm posting these reviews because Astrid of Blooddrop has ten bottles of "Madame Claire de Lune Cidre Doux au Poire" up at her Etsy shop as well as 4 bottles of "The (un)Poisoned Tea Cup." Get them if you can, both scents are awesome.

on to the reviews )
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Astrid of Blooddrop is asking if there's interest in a rerelease of her Vanille Noir. Originally this was a limited edition, sold in a 1/4 oz fancy bottle, but she's asking if people would be interested in it in her normal 5ml bottles.

Dark, intoxicating, mesmerizing and so incredibly arousing. Vanille Noire was created as a heavenly, yet sinfully, decadent perfume oil. A simple description would be a spiced vanilla liquor, but it is so much more than that. It has been specially bottled in a lovely little faceted glass bottle, as only a precious little gem would, and instead of a label, it has a little tag that has been attached to the bottle via a dainty little satin ribbon. For this holiday fragrance, you are being treated to a 10ml, instead of 8ml! Vanille Noire is a concoction of Bourbon vanilla, black pepper, white cognac, honey absolute, butter CO2, cinnamon leaf and dark patchouli.

If you're interested, let her know here.
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The economy is hitting hard all over and the small business woman is really hurting. Astrid at blooddrop is looking to expand her customer base so I figured I would make a post over here at Dreamwidth and use this fantastic new comm like it is supposed to :)

Anyone have any experiences with Blooddrop? Tell me your favorites!

I absolutely cannot live without her scent At Denny's After Rocky, which is a blueberry pancake scent. Dead freaking on.

White Pumpkin is a joy to wear as well.

I haven't tried a lot of her general catalog scents but her LEs are so awesome. My favorite LE thus far has to be Abbie Normal which is a marshmallow popcorn scent! I hear Buche De Noel is absolutely amazing, I hope to try it sometime.

FWIW: I'm not affiliated with Blooddrop at all, just a fan thats hoping to enable people to her wonderful scent line :)



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