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The last of my Haunt reviews.
Gloaming -- the time of day when the quickly darkening landscape meets with a glowing, ember sky. vanilla, dark patchouli, amber, mandarin orange and red clove.
It smells very candy-like as it goes on; it's all orange and vanilla with a faint hint of amber. I don't get any clove at all and only a very very faint earthy note that is the patchouli. After a little while, maybe five minutes, I get a slight spicy note that's the clove finally showing up and the orange is fading a little so it's not quite so much like candy. Then the patchouli amps up a little, although it's not a dirty hippie patchouli at all, and it all evens out some. This is the most complex of the Haunt scents I've tried and I'm kind of regretting that I didn't order a bottle of it, because I really like where it finally goes. Not all scent names end up working for me, but Gloaming does make me think of sunset and the slow onset of twilight.
Batik -- smoky beeswax & resin darkened honey.
This is an oddly perfumey honey; there's a hint of a floral/soapy scent in with the waxy smell of the beeswax. It's almost like I rubbed a honey scented candle on my arm. I'm not 100% thrilled with it; I think I like Possets' honey scent better. I keep sniffing at my arm trying to decide if I like it or not, which usually isn't that good a sign. About maybe 20 minutes it and it's a little smokier and I'm liking it a little more. I still kind of wish I'd bought a bottle of Gloaming instead of the bottle of Batik, though.

Again, Scent Addicts is the place to go for these.
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I ended up with both a decant of the perfume oil and a good sized sample of the soap as well.

Empire -- Precious vanilla and glimmering amber, entwined with long-forgotten incense.

At first the perfume is a pretty straightforward sweet amber with a faint vanilla note, nice but nothing spectacular. And then, about five/ten minutes in, the incense notes kicked in and it got smokier and more interesting. I'm guessing myrrh and sandalwood and maybe frankincense, but I'm bad at guessing notes when they're not listed. After the incense kicks in, there's no real morphing or changing. Since my skin not only amps up amber, but clings to it, it's sticking around for the long haul too.

While not as subtle, the soap is pretty heavily scented, so if that's not your thing, you might want to avoid it. It's lovely soap, nice and rich and creamy without being too drying. The scent, while heavy, doesn't linger; I could barely smell it on me once I got out of the shower.

You can get the perfume at Scent Addicts but finding the soap is a little trickier. They list it at The Soap Box Company although they're out of it at the moment. It's also listed as being available in late May at the Haunt Etsy site.
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I'd never heard of Haunt until I ran across a decant circle over on LJ's Evil enablers. Several of the scents caught my eye but the one I really wanted was filled already. Fortunately (or not if I'm looking at the budget side of things) the person running the circle was able to send me just enough of a sample for me to utterly fall in love.

Roma -- Descendants of a thousand year old warrior class from India, the Roma are the nomadic people known as “gypsies” in popular culture. Cardamom, Cardamom Absolute, Blood Orange and Mandarin

This is a very simple, very lovely scent. The blood orange and the mandarin are nice and crisp and the cardamom adds a lovely, warm, spicy note. There's no real morph, what I smell when I put it on is what I get when I sniff it a half hour later. It's got surprising staying power for a) an oil and b) citrus, which usually fades pretty fast on me. It's serious love here; while I wouldn't class this as "foody" I still want to either chew on my own arm or find blood orange/cardamom candies somewhere.

The owner of Haunt is taking her Etsy shop down (except for the occasional seasonal LEs) as of June 11 and she doesn't have any Roma products listed except in skin gloss. However, you can get a 5ml bottle of the perfume oil for $11 at Scent Addict



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