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These ship out from the UK, and I'll send these lovelies anywhere. Shipping will be $1 within the UK, and $3 worldwide. Singles are fine – I'm not above swapping or selling single imps. :)

I take PayPal only, but any kind! Contact me with your desired imps, and I'll reserve them for you. Goodies go out with every delivery, of course. :)

I'll swap for anything on my wishlist - BPAL, Nocturne Alchemy, Conjure Oils, Mythos Mixtures and Violette Market samples are all very welcome for swaps!

On to the imps! If label condition is important, just ask. Unless it says otherwise, all are lightly tested only.


Buy 5 for the price of 4!
Cheapest imp/decant is free. Sales only.

The goods )
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I picked up several 15ml bottles of Vintage Violette Market blends because the price was right and I was intrigued. It turns out that a couple of her notes just don't work on me. It's a chemistry thing, which makes it really frustrating because I can sniff the bottle and thing "oh I like that!" only to have it not work once it hits my skin.

So I have the following three bottles for sale. They've all been tested cleanly only once and are all full to the neck of the bottle. They're going for $9 on the site, and so I'm asking $10 for them, which includes first class shipping to anywhere in the US, so the end result is a better deal than you get from VM.

Honey Bee -- Sweet golden honey. Formally called 'Beekeeper'.

Snow Baby -- Vanilla bean, crisp winter air and a whisper of icy mint. Smooth rather than sweet, evocative of a walk on Christmas night. -- sold

Elixir -- Intoxicating. Honeyed musk and smoky vanilla. I should note that this is actually sold out at the VM site. -- sold

I also have a 1 dram (1/8 oz) bottle of Beatnik (Poetry night at a smokey café: bitter espresso, incense and dark woods -- In spite of the espresso note, it's more a dark woody perfume rather than a foodie thing; I kinda liked it but Nancy really didn't.) It was a freebie, so if you buy a bottle and want it, just say so. If you really want to try it but don't buy a bottle, it's yours for $3 including shipping.

I'm leaving this post here until Monday, after which, if no one's expressed interest, I'll try over at Evil Enablers.
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I love my sniffie hobby to death, but my body's developing chemical sensitivities and a couple of potentially dangerous allergies. Ruthless destash is a priority right now, both of things that don't work and things which could hurt me.

Thus, BPAL imps/decants/bottles and a mystery box of other-indie delights below the cut! Thanks for looking! )



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