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Wiggle -- Speakeasy Vanilla -- This fragrance opens up with a bright, intoxicating bourbon vanilla scent then mellows into a softer, creamy vanilla. To balance the sweetness, Wiggle added sultry amber and smokey frankincense. On the very bottom is a delicately floral white musk, and if you're very sharp you may catch the tiny hint of bay rum lurking in the mix.

Mostly what I get is a nice soft vanilla that doesn't turn into rubber on me the way some vanillas do. There's a hint of amber, just a touch and not enough to go powdery, and a little touch of the frankincense. I don't get musk or bay rum at all. It's a nice perfume, not particularly complex, and not at all foody. I like it quite a bit and at $7.99 for a 5ml roller-ball bottle, it's a steal. It's available at both Scent Addict and The Soap Box Company, but it's popular and tends to sell out quickly.

I've also got a bar of their soap in the same scent. It's a goatsmilk/shea butter/glycerin mix that's really smooth and rich--seriously, if I still shaved my legs, I'd use this. The scent is mostly vanilla with a little amber and it's not real strong; it doesn't linger much afterwards. It's available from The Soap Box Company.



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