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 Is anyone else here having a problem with them? I ordered from Lysa Luna in March, never received my package, and she never responds to anyone's emails unless its to reassure she still has a product in.

ETA: There is a thread about the situation in the Evil Enabler community.
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I don't think I've reviewed any ZOMG Smells here yet. They're a fun little company--I think there's just the two of them--with a habit of coming up with silly, non-pretentious names for their blends. Their copy is pretty much the polar opposite of BPAL's and is a lot of fun to read. Their prices are right too--$12 for 5ml of the general catalog scents.

Anyway, I have quite the backlog of general catalog scents built up, so these are all things you can get at any time from them.

Four From ZOMG Smells )
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Long time no see, Perfume Reviews!

I've got just a couple, but I wanted to actually post them while you could still buy the scents I'm reviewing. They're part of Blooddrop's Holiday 2010 line and will be available until "late December/early January or as supplies remain."

An Orange in Your Slipper and Rosy Cheeks )
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Okay, how could I not order from a seller called The Morbid the Merrier?

Her samples are fairly inexpensive, as are her perfumes themselves, so I grabbed a handful and she even tossed in a freebie. That's actually fairly common, even if you're just buying samples; I got two free sample vials with my NA order too. Her packaging is very pretty--my samples were wrapped in gold tissue tied off with purple ribbons--and her turnaround is excellent.

Sadly, I'm not liking much of the product.

I'm even wordy when I don't like the product. )
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Rising from my death sick bed to post a perfume review or two.

So Nocturne Alchemy has introduced a new general catalog line called Royal Amber. It wasn't easy to order samples when I really wanted to just order them all in 5ml bottles. Okay, well not all of them, just five of six.

get a load of these descriptions )
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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is donating all the proceeds from January sales of the following scents:

Port Au Prince (in the "Wanderlust" section) -- "Dark, decadent and incomparably exotic: the rich scent of buttered rum flavored with almond, bay, clove and sassafras." I've tried this; on me it's mostly almond with a spike of clove under it. The bay and rum push it into the traditionally "masculine" category, but it's something I'll wear.

The following are from the "Exocolo" section

Elegba -- "His ofrenda contains coconut, tobacco and sweet, sugared rum."
Obatala -- "Obatala’s ofrenda is soft, white and pure: milk, coconut meat, shea butter and cool, refreshing water."
Ochosi -- "His ofrenda is the soft shea he shares with Obatala, forest herbs, and sprucewood arrow shafts."
Ogun -- Ogun’s ofrenda is heavy and dark cigar tobacco, gin and juniper, melon, chili pepper and a touch of honey."
Olokun -- "His ofrenda is the scent of the lightless deep: the glorious, unknowable gloom of the ocean floor."
Osun -- "Her ofrenda is thick with honey and herbs of love, passion and desire."
Oya -- "Oya’s ofrenda is a Nigerian potion of love and war, sweetened by darkest plum." This smells utterly awesome on Nancy. :)
Shango -- "The Master of Lightning’s ofrenda contains red apples, banana, chili pepper, coconut, pineapple, pomegranate and sugar cane."
Yemaya -- "Her ofrenda is a bounty of melons and grapes, strewn with the petals of the flowers of motherhood, draped with sea mosses."
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Just one tonight:

From the 2009 Yule LE Line:

Sol Invictus -- "A radiant blend of solar oils: golden amber, saffron, heliotrope, hibiscus, citron, frangipani, frankincense, tangerine, mock orange, and orange blossom."

It's a somewhat heavy floral with just a touch of ambery spice under it. Mostly what I'm getting is the frangipani and the orange blossom grounded by the amber. I'd say this is an almost tropical floral for people who don't like florals. In other words, me. :)
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These ship out from the UK, and I'll send these lovelies anywhere. Shipping will be $1 within the UK, and $3 worldwide. Singles are fine – I'm not above swapping or selling single imps. :)

I take PayPal only, but any kind! Contact me with your desired imps, and I'll reserve them for you. Goodies go out with every delivery, of course. :)

I'll swap for anything on my wishlist - BPAL, Nocturne Alchemy, Conjure Oils, Mythos Mixtures and Violette Market samples are all very welcome for swaps!

On to the imps! If label condition is important, just ask. Unless it says otherwise, all are lightly tested only.


Buy 5 for the price of 4!
Cheapest imp/decant is free. Sales only.

The goods )


Sep. 3rd, 2009 07:38 pm
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Nocturne Alchemy -- Amber 23 (forum exclusive) -- Amber perfection to celebrate NA's first anniversary! 23 different types of Amber oils and resins.

I bought this from [personal profile] telesilla; it didn't work for her -- she got an aquatic note from it -- but it's definitely working for me. It's gone from spicy to ever-so-slightly sweet, and it has a nice depth - in short, I *love* this scent.

In the bottle: very heavy amber scent, but not powdery like some amber can be
Wet, on skin: spicy and full, almost what I'd describe as a reddish-scent
Dry: sweet and light, with a heavy sensual undertone
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ETA:As of 9/6/09 I've moved everything over to my LJ and evil_enablers.

I'm pretty new to this, so for now, I'm only shipping within the US. Shipping is $2.50 for first class. All bottles have been cleanly tested once and so are roughly as full as they were when I got them.

Attar Bazaar, BPAL, Cobalt Blends, Haunt, Nocturne Alchemy, Possets, Soap Box Co, Vintage Violette Market )

I'm going to leave this up here at DW for a week and then move it over to evil_enablers on LJ.
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OMG, so many reviews! And it's scary how many more things I've got in the "to be reviewed" drawers of my organizer.

I've got: One from Arcana (via Soap Box Company), Two from BPAL's Carnaval Diabolique, One from Cobalt Blends and Three from Nocturne Alchemy.

and on to the reviews )
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Speaking of honey....

Nocturne: Sapphire Honey -- We have blended the Amber-Musk of Sapphire with the Honey and Honeycomb of a sweet buzzing bees hive collected from Egyptian Flowers. Honey notes are tricky on me, there's an undernote that all too often smells a little musty on my skin. Sadly, Sapphire Honey does that. It's not awful, just not very good. I can get a hint of the amber-musk and it's a fairly intriguing scent, but the honey note is too harsh.

Nocturne: Kashmir Honey -- The Duality of Gothic Red Musk and the bliss of honeycomb and sweet honey. Anyone who's been reading my reviews for any length of time knows that I love me some Middle Eastern scents.Something about the red musk in this is spot on perfect; it takes me right back to Iran in a good way. In fact it smells so Persian to me that it was actually kind of distracting when we were at dinner tonight because it just did not go with the burger I was having. :) The honey is probably the exact same honey note as in the Sapphire Honey, but here, the faint hint of mustiness blends with the musk in a way that actually smells a little like old paper. Which, yeah, it sounds kind of unattractive but actually is fantastic.
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Lush -- I never know if Lush counts as an indie etailer or not, but most people seem to think they are and they've got that air of indie chic about them, so....

Honey I Washed the Kids soap -- Sweet honey heaven cleanses and moisturizes sensitive skin. This is one of their best sellers and I have to say, it's really nice. The honey scent is really lovely and not at all fake. Like all Lush products, it's really scent saturated and strong; it lingered on my skin after I was out of the shower. That isn't necessarily a problem as long as I'm planning on wearing perfume that doesn't clash. It's a nice enough soap, although I didn't find it all that moisturizing.

Karma solid perfume Karma is Lush's signature scent--Spicy orange and patchouli keep you in harmony with your surroundings. Here's the thing; I like patchouli. It's a fantastic base note and, as long as the perfumer is using good quality, aged patchouli in moderation, it doesn't smell like dirty hippies. Lush? Isn't using it in moderation. At all. Karma smells like dirt and oranges. Not just that hit of earthiness/dirtiness/decay/overripness that some of the great perfumes have (Shalimar, for example), no, it smells like freaking sweaty, icky, dirt. I didn't even try it on, I was that turned off by it. At some point, I should actually use just a little to see if it does something different on my skin, but right now, I can't imagine why this is so popular.
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It looks like Serpentine Hair has gone the way of so many etailers--while their site is still up and you can still order, they no longer seem to be actually producing a product. My irritation with that situation is the subject of a rant that I'd rather not do at this point, so, mooooving right along....

I tried the Bert's Bees Rosemary and Mint shampoo bar, but while I really liked the minty scent, it left my hair really really dry. One of the things I liked about Serpentine was not having to use conditioner. Not only did that mean fewer chemicals in my hair, but it also meant less time in the shower, which is a good thing when you live in a state that's in the middle of a serious drought.

I thought about trying Lush, but their shampoo bars seem to have SLS in them and, yeah, not so much. However, [personal profile] darkrose/[ profile] darkrosetiger uses several Oyin Handmade products and while I was kind of worried that their stuff might leave my hair too oily, I keep forgetting that, like my skin, my hair has dried out a fair amount as I've gotten older. So I tried a little hair care product cultural appropriation and it worked out well for me. Um, seeing as the Oyin people say that their products are for anyone who wants to use them, that's a joke, okay?

Oyin's Poo Bar, Shine and Define and Greg Juice. )
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I'm trying to work my way through my rather large backlog, and managed to do three reviews today. :)

Arcana and Attar Bazaar )
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The Soap Box Company is having a 20% off sale this weekend--through Sunday, July 19. Just use the code enjoysummer.
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Wiggle -- Speakeasy Vanilla -- This fragrance opens up with a bright, intoxicating bourbon vanilla scent then mellows into a softer, creamy vanilla. To balance the sweetness, Wiggle added sultry amber and smokey frankincense. On the very bottom is a delicately floral white musk, and if you're very sharp you may catch the tiny hint of bay rum lurking in the mix.

Mostly what I get is a nice soft vanilla that doesn't turn into rubber on me the way some vanillas do. There's a hint of amber, just a touch and not enough to go powdery, and a little touch of the frankincense. I don't get musk or bay rum at all. It's a nice perfume, not particularly complex, and not at all foody. I like it quite a bit and at $7.99 for a 5ml roller-ball bottle, it's a steal. It's available at both Scent Addict and The Soap Box Company, but it's popular and tends to sell out quickly.

I've also got a bar of their soap in the same scent. It's a goatsmilk/shea butter/glycerin mix that's really smooth and rich--seriously, if I still shaved my legs, I'd use this. The scent is mostly vanilla with a little amber and it's not real strong; it doesn't linger much afterwards. It's available from The Soap Box Company.
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I was involved in a Conjure Oils group order and so here are my impressions of four from the Apothecary line.

Chai Spice Tea, Iranian Pomegranate, Dragon's Blood & Golden Amber )
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Vanille Noire (Huile de Luxe, Dec '08) -- Vanille Noire is a concoction of Bourbon vanilla, black pepper, white cognac, honey absolute, butter CO2, cinnamon leaf and dark patchouli.

I wibbled on this and then was broke when it came out in December and I ended missing the recent resale. But now, thanks to [ profile] 10dimensions, I finally got my hands on some.

my review )
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Hi there, I am looking for someone to co-maintain this community. I'd prefer it to be someone who is (or has been) active on LiveJournal's evil_enablers community or one of the BPAL comms and someone who understands how to maintain a community on the LiveJournal/Dreamwidth platform. Also, since I am mainly doing this because I am not extremely active on Dreamwidth at this time, it would be good if it was someone who was active here.

If this is something you'd be interested in, feel free to comment with your LiveJournal and forum name. I'm screening comments and will contact interested parties via Private Message on here.

Welcome our new co-administrator, [personal profile] telesilla



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