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Created on 2009-03-02 09:24:51 (#390), last updated 2012-06-13 (279 weeks ago)

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Location:United States of America
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Community description:For all things stinky!
Dreamwidth's first community dedicated to the wonderful world of online etailers (and some offline too!) that peddle in the crack that is bath and body products, perfumes and various other scented items!

Membership is open, feel free to join.

Rules and such will be hashed out as we go but please remember to play nice, don't spam, and keep the topics limited to online (or offline) retailers that specialize in bath, body, perfume, or other scented items.

Layout courtesy of [personal profile] stellastars

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arcana soaps, bath and body, bath and body products, bathed and infused, black phoenix alchemy lab, black phoenix trading post, blooddrop, bpal, cb i hate perfume, christopher brosius, cobalt blends, cocoa pink, cremoso, demeter, droplettes, good judy, haunt, heaven and earth essentials, i smell good, lilypad bathworks, mad city soaps, moxie beauty, my lip stuff, online etailers, perfume oils, perfumes, possets, propaganda bath, sephora, sidhe creations, skindazzles, skindecent, soap box company, the coconut hut, the garden bath, villainess, wiggle perfumes, woobie bath, wylde ivy
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